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casino muslimThe purpose of casinos has always been more than just the fun; it is also an exciting game with lots of tales, interesting myths and luck. However, the game is often criticized because of its addiction and its relation to gambling. Forgetting that life itself is a casino, most Muslims perceive gambling and other pleasures as some indulgence that the holy Quran refutes, neglecting the positives, while others especially not in a religious setting like the Casino Muslim gambling and casinos. Among the Muslims and other religious individuals, Casinos has been brandished a bad thing because it is not a good thing to do, but that argument begs the question of whether it’s a good thing or not.

Casino – Haram or Hilal?

The use of these two words is delicate and requires drawing a bold line in between them. Tolerable things and actions either overt or subtle that are not entirely stated to be sinful are regarded as halal, while haram is considered to be the opposite. With this explanation gambling/casino looks more like a sin. However, it’s not really into the category of haram so far the reward from gambling can be given out as aids to friends or used for other charitable purposes.

With this discovery, Muslims are allowed to play strategic games with monetary rewards like baccarat, roulette, poker, and blackjack as well as other online games. Nevertheless, it is imperative to note that it is a grave sin to win and keep all your rewards to yourself because that’s the significant point that makes it different from haram.

Casino – Strategies and Tips

casino muslimPlaying at the Casino Muslim presents users with a fantastic opportunity not just because of its charm, but also the fact that you have numerous strategy games like roulette, baccarat poker, blackjack and crap to choose from. Also, the casino is not only a physical game, as there are also a lot of online casino games that are translated in Arabic to suit Muslims players, among others are 888casino, bwincasino, bet rally and casino cruise.


Just as there are numerous types of games, you also have several ways of playing the casino. One of the interesting facts about the casino – like gambling is that you win back your stake and additional money, so all you need do is thorough research to learn about the games and how well to play them. Below I have a few tips that can drastically reduce the risk of losses and boost your chances of raking cash.

• Understand the game and its rules – don’t ever dive into the game for the fun of it. Money is at stake, so improve your chances of winning and enjoy the game.

• Always set a walkout limit/ Win goal – don’t play from dawn till dusk, set an amount that signals the end of your session.

• Set loss limits too – on a bad day, you don’t have to play till you exhaust all your money. There should also be a loss threshold just like the win goal.

• Accept bonus offers and rewards – never turn down the chance to use a coupon code or promotion offer.

• Avoid progressive betting – when you lose a roll or spin, dodge subsequent bets that involves using more substantial wager.


Your quest to revel in the world of casinos as a Muslim is not against the religion, there are a lot of Muslim casino reservations like on Casino Muslim that represents a driving force in the industry. Enjoy the rid